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Single Slice Fuel Cells and Accessory Kits

1 watt PEM fuel cell built with 1 Proton Exchange Membrane. Click to see system diagram.

The Single Slice Fuel Cell is the starting point of both the Basic and Deluxe Learning Kits. The SSFC is made from carbon-graphite plates, a high power PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane), stainless steel hardware and composite endplates. All units are shipped with test results. Hydrogen not included.

Price is 84.95 for a fuel cell with around 1/2 watt power output.

Price is 124.95 for a fuel cell with 1 watt power output.

To see the operating instructions for the SSFC click here.

To see the system diagram of the Single Slice Fuel Cell click here.

Single Slice Fuel Cell Accessory Kits

Basic accessory kit for PEM fuel cells of any size.

Basic Fuel Cell Accessory Kit

The Basic Accessory Kit comes with 6 test tubes, test tube holder, all necessary hoses and stoppers, small motor, motor base, propeller, and wiring with terminal ends. Fuel cell and hydrogen not included.

Price is 27.95 if purchased with a Single Slice Fuel Cell, 32.95 if purchased alone

The deluxe accessory kit includes a demo PEM membrane.

Deluxe Fuel Cell Accessory Kit

The Deluxe Accessory Kit includes everything above along with a demonstration Proton Exchange Membrane so you can show the power behind the fuel cell without disassembly. Fuel cell and hydrogen not included.

Price is 42.50 if purchased with a Single Slice Fuel Cell, 47.50 if purchased separately

Please e-mail us with any questions on the PEM fuel cell and hydrogen energy. Please do not send attachments with e-mails without first contacting us. We will not open any unsolicited attachments to e-mails. E-mail: KevinK@E1PS.com