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PEM's for your experimenting, demonstration, or replacement needs.

Proton Exchange Membranes

Demonstration PEMembranes

These are PEMembranes that are for display only, they are usually slightly damaged, making them unusable or marginal in a fuel cell. They are great to pass around to show people what's creating the power inside the fuel cell without having to disassemble your kit. Price 14.95

Raw PEMembranes

These membranes are in the "raw" form, no testing, assembly or guarantee. They are a great way to get started in making your own fuel cell. The size is 1.25 in x 1.25 in. Price 29.95

Assembled and Tested PEMembranes

These are the same membranes as the "raw" ones, but assembled into a mylar surround and tested for power output. Price is 34.95 for 0.5 watt membrane. Price is 54.95 for 1.0 watt membrane.

Other sizes of PEMembrane available, e-mail for prices and availability. Please do not send attachments with e-mails without first contacting us. We will not open any unsolicited attachments to e-mails. E-mail: KevinK@E1PS.com