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Ordering Information:
Please call or e-mail first, to determine availability and lead time, and to request expiditing if necessary. Educational discount for orders on official school letterhead, call for details. E1PS will accept checks, money orders and credit cards. Call for net 30 terms and availibility.

Shipping is 10.00 for most items. CA residents add 8.25% sales tax.

Phone: 714-893-8480
E-mail: KevinK@E1PS.com

Just click on the link below to e-mail us: Please do not send attachments with e-mails without first contacting us. We will not open any unsolicited attachments to e-mails.

Element 1 Power Systems Inc.

Thank you for your interest in

E-mail us with any of your questions about fuel cells and hydrogen energy. Thank you for visiting the E1PS website.

Pricing Information:
Click here to see the price and shipping cost for our popular items. If payment is made by check there are no S&H charges for the items listed below.

Tax Information for CA Residents Only:
Click here to see the Golden State tax for our popular items.

Because fuel cells are in a Research and Development stage, our only guarantee is that the unit has performed to the specifications provided on the test results. If design or engineering problems occur we will do everything in our power to fix the faults. If the unit is damaged repairs will be made at the customers expense.

Because fuel cells are in a Research and Development stage, no returns will be accepted. Please do not purchase items if you plan to use them for a short time and return them when the project is done.


Element 1 Power Systems Inc.
1745 East Borchard Street
Santa Ana, Ca 92705
Phone: 714-564-9772
E-mail: KevinK@E1PS.com