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Producing the parts of tomorrow in a week from today

Visit the new KRA Moldmaking and Engineering website.

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Do you need a part for a prototype, a mold for a production run, or a complete injection molding design house at your fingertips?

E1PS has contracted with KRA Moldmaking to provide all of our manufacturing, mechanical engineering, consulting, designing, machining and moldmaking needs. Through a special arrangement KRA Moldmaking has agreed to charge their normal hourly rate for any projects or consulting services that E1PS customers or visitors may need. KLA is capable of producing a drawing, a single CNC machined part, a production run of machined parts, or a full pre-production package with molds and finished injection molded parts. For any need, from one part to one million parts, KRA Moldmaking and Engineering is able to handle it quickly, conveniently, and at a very competitive price.

Now available, Mastercam CAD/CAM design consulting.

Have an expert in Mastercam ready to consult you on your design projects. Fax any needed non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, then e-mail a Mastercam drawing. We will help you over the phone, or solve the problem autonomously. A great way to get an outside opinion on an engineering project, or expert advice on CAD/CAM design. Cost is $50.00 per hour, available in 15 minute increments.

KRA Moldmaking and Engineering
15345 East Borchard Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

E-mail: OdysseyEngineering@E1PS.com

To e-mail KRA Moldmaking and Engineering click here.

Click to see more about our consulting services and the complete manufacturing capabilities of KRA Moldmaking and Engineering for making injection molded plastic, nylon, rubber and composite parts.

KRA Moldmaking and Engineering is a full service design and production house. They can take a line drawing, even on a napkin, and do a complete 3D Mastercam CAD/CAM drawing, cut an aluminum single cavity prototpe mold on the HAAS CNC, make a prototype plastic parts run, and do the first production manufacturing runs. They have several HAAS CNC machines and a state of the art TMC injection molding machine. They have done all of the production work for E1PS, along with designs for other fuel cell companies, cable assemblies, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, sporting goods and numerous other clients. Contact KRA Moldmaking and Engineering and they can help launch your new product design or help you out of a manufacturing pinch.

Introducing a new consulting idea from KRA Moldmaking.

Now as part of our CAD/CAM consulting service KRA Moldmaking will post your drawing to a password protected webpage where you can view drawing changes and incorporate new design parameters.

Click to look at a Mastercam CAD/CAM 3D Solids drawing.

This is the Mastercam CAD/CAM drawing of an aerospace part. Click to visit Mastercam.com.

First Person Shooter Strategies

Need a design to launch a new product?
In a pinch to get a part out the door or need a design house right next door to the world?
Then don't hesitate to contact KRA Moldmaking and Engineering! Please do not send attachments with e-mails without first contacting us. We will not open any unsolicited attachments to e-mails.