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Introducing our new PEM Bipolar Plate design, the Cool-Plate.

Our newest development.

The Cool-Plate is a new approach to a composite bipolar plate design for PEM fuel cells. The plates are thinner, lighter, flatter and have better thermal characteristics. The conductivity is comparable to standard carbon/graphite plates. This new plate design will address the problems of thermal management in larger PEM fuel cells, and will allow larger cells to be built without water cooling. These developments will help to improve reliability, cost and thermal problems currently encountered.
We have moved to a new manufacturing facility and are increasing our research and development operations.

And the winner is???

See the contest page for information on how you can win a Single Slice Fuel Cell.

A Single Slice PEM fuel cell, 1/2 and 1 watt versions available.

Check it out now.

E1PS is on the move.

For a preview of the first prototypes of the Cool-Plate design click here.

The newest design from E1PS, the Cool-Plate. (Pat Pend)

Please e-mail us with any further questions on PEM fuel cell membrane and PEM fuel cell bipolar plate Research and Development. Please do not send attachments with e-mails without first contacting us. We will not open any unsolicited attachments to e-mails. E-mail: KevinK@E1PS.com