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These accessories will complete your Learning Kit or fuel cell system.

Forced air housings

The forced air housing is necessary for 3 watt cells and larger to keep a fresh supply of oxygen (air) to the cell. The basic will power the 3 and 6 watt cells with an external battery power source, and the deluxe will run directly off the 10 watt cell. Price: Basic 29.95 Deluxe 39.95

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The multimeter will add versatility to any demonstration. By adding 1-4 meters, power input, output, and efficiency can easily be calculated. With 1 meter and a pair of 0.1 ohm resistors all power calculations can be made. Price 39.95

A digital multimeter will help in testing and learning more about fuel cells.

Please contact us with any further needs you may have for your demonstration or project. Please do not send attachments with e-mails without first contacting us. We will not open any unsolicited attachments to e-mails. E-mail: KevinK@E1PS.com