Single Slice 1 Watt Fuel Cells
PEM Fuel Cell System Diagram


PEM Fuel Cell System Diagram
Bottled Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
PEM Electrolyser and Fuel Cell System
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The Accessory Kit comes with the necessary test tubes, test tube rack, Tygon tubing and small motor. The Deluxe Accessory Kit also comes with a demo membrane.

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1. Vinegar at 4 inches, vented to atmosphere.

2. Anti-siphon to keep vinegar from electrolyser.

3. Anti-siphon to keep vinegar from electrolyser.

4. Vinegar at 1 inch to nuetralize KOH and prevent contamination of fuel cell.

5. Anti-siphon to keep water from entering fuel cell.

6. Water 3 inches (distilled, NEVER TAP) to keep backpressure on fuel cell.

If a hydrogen bottle is used only test tubes 5 and 6 are needed.

If a PEM electrolyser is used test tubes 3 and 4 are not needed, only a single test tube for a water trap is needed. Test tube 1 is filled with water, not vinegar.