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Odyssey Engineering, CAD/CAM Design and Manufacturing
Nylon Molding and Nylon Consulting Services

Innovative moldmaking and consulting services for nylon parts and production.

Odyssey Engineering has moldmakers with an extensive background in working with nylon components. Our experience in nylon manufacturing and the mechanical engineering properties of nylon can save you time, money and frustration. Why bang your head against the wall when we can solve your nylon moldmaking or manufacturing headaches?

How soon do you need that prototype part?

We have started with nothing but a concept, and have manufactured and produced a production quality prototype nylon part in about a week. Our team will make your project the #1 priority to make sure that all manufacturing schedules and deadlines are met.

Odyssey can go from start to molded nylon part in less than a week.

Our consulting services go far beyond nylon, we will identify any mechanical or design problems before the moldmaking or manufacturing process, and fix any problems in your current drawings. If necessary we will redesign, rebuild or make new aluminum or steel molds on our HAAS CNC machines. We have built enough molds for nylon parts at Odyssey Engineering to know what will and will not work with injection molded nylon parts.

The experience at Odyssey allows us to quickly get your production back up to speed, and if required we can build a complete mold to start producing limited production runs of injection molded nylon parts on-site with a single cavity prototype mold while a multi-cavity full production run mold is being completed. Why wait for weeks or months to start getting nylon parts when Odyssey can get you finished production quality injection molded nylon parts in under a week in most cases.

We can make an SLA part for your initial design review, and then build the prototype mold to test the strength and functionality of the parts. With this scope of consulting services you will know exactly what the finished part will look like before the first mold is built, know exactly how a single cavity mold will function and the quality of the parts produced, and then build a multi-cavity mold with no design or manufacturing issues lurking around the next corner.

1. Here is a drawing for an aerospace application nylon part.

Click to see Mastercam.com

2. Here is the HAAS CNC Tool Room Mill, the machinery that prepares the aluminum blocks for our HAAS CNC VF-0 Machining center.

Click to see our HAAS CNC machining center, injection molding machinery and our EDM machine.

5. Here is the aluminum mold that was produced using the HAAS CNC machinery.

Click to see our HAAS CNC machining center, injection molding machinery and our EDM machine.

3. This is our HAAS CNC machining center where we produce the aluminum and steel molds.

HAAS CNC machining center, click to visit HAASCNC.com

4. Here is the TMC injection molding machine for producing finished plastic parts.

The TMC injection molding machine is our workhorse for producing injection molded nylon parts.

6. Here is the finished injection molded nylon part, made on our TMC injection molding machine.

This prototype design went from start to nylon part in less than a week.