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Producing the power of the future today

This website is for showing the output power, input power and effeciency of the Element 1 Power Systems Inc. Fuel Cell line. Visit our main site at www.e1ps.com by clicking on the logo.

The fuel cell will change our lives as much as the internal combustion engine it replaces and the computer it powers.

The future of power and transportation will change dramatically when fuel cells become the main producers of energy. The car will no longer be an environmental burden, and the electrical grid will be subdivided to the neighborhood and building level. Fuel cells will make all of this possible, and with no pollution.

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E1PS is committed to bringing the future of PEM fuel cell power to the commercial marketplace. E1PS currently sells the Basic and Deluxe Fuel Cell Learning Kit, along with PEM fuel cells and systems ranging in size from 1 watt to 1kW.

How to contact E1PS:
Mailing address:
Element 1 Power Systems Inc.
1745 East Borchard Street
Santa Ana, Ca 92649

Phone: 714-564-9772


E1PS is dedicated to providing its customers with a superior product at a reasonable (by fuel cell standards) price. All components are designed and built in USA, and are made from the highest quality materials. All units come with complete test data, showing actual power levels of the unit on the test bench.