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This is the time the H2 Storage Tower will last without sunlight



This test was conducted after the H2 Storage Tower was filled. The solar panels were disconnected when the test started. After the car stopped running it was removed and the fan kept spinning.

Voltage output from fuel cell.

'File Created: 03:24:36pm Oct 03, 00
'Timebase: 00:01:00
'Hi Limit: Off
'Lo Limit: Off
'Filter Mode: Capture All Data; Filter Off
0.582 V DC 03:24:37pm
0.588 V DC 03:25:37pm
0.591 V DC 03:26:37pm
0.592 V DC 03:27:37pm
0.590 V DC 03:28:37pm
0.584 V DC 03:29:37pm
0.585 V DC 03:30:37pm
0.589 V DC 03:31:37pm
0.590 V DC 03:32:37pm
0.589 V DC 03:33:37pm
0.588 V DC 03:34:37pm
0.590 V DC 03:35:37pm
0.586 V DC 03:36:37pm
0.589 V DC 03:37:37pm
064.2 mV DC 03:38:37pm
The car was removed at this point.
0.427 V DC 03:39:37pm
391.3 mV DC 03:40:37pm
266.8 mV DC 03:41:37pm
247.1 mV DC 03:42:37pm
0.717 V DC 03:43:37pm
0.622 V DC 03:44:37pm
037.6 mV DC 03:45:37pm
324.4 mV DC 03:46:37pm
320.0 mV DC 03:47:37pm
299.0 mV DC 03:48:37pm
278.2 mV DC 03:49:37pm
232.5 mV DC 03:50:37pm
225.9 mV DC 03:51:37pm
226.3 mV DC 03:52:37pm
234.9 mV DC 03:53:37pm
227.2 mV DC 03:54:37pm
219.4 mV DC 03:55:37pm
203.4 mV DC 03:56:37pm
199.9 mV DC 03:57:37pm
197.6 mV DC 03:58:37pm
204.7 mV DC 03:59:37pm
222.7 mV DC 04:00:37pm
215.3 mV DC 04:01:37pm
231.2 mV DC 04:02:37pm
210.1 mV DC 04:03:37pm
197.7 mV DC 04:04:37pm
184.2 mV DC 04:05:37pm
192.3 mV DC 04:06:37pm

Current output from fuel cell

'File Created: 03:25:02pm Oct 03, 00
'Timebase: 00:01:00
'Hi Limit: Off
'Lo Limit: Off
'Filter Mode: Capture All Data; Filter Off
00.40 A DC 03:25:03pm
00.39 A DC 03:26:03pm
00.37 A DC 03:27:03pm
00.36 A DC 03:28:03pm
00.38 A DC 03:29:03pm
00.36 A DC 03:30:03pm
00.36 A DC 03:31:03pm
00.35 A DC 03:32:03pm
00.35 A DC 03:33:03pm
00.35 A DC 03:34:03pm
00.36 A DC 03:35:03pm
00.36 A DC 03:36:03pm
00.35 A DC 03:37:03pm
00.35 A DC 03:38:03pm
00.10 A DC 03:39:03pm
The car was removed at this point
00.05 A DC 03:40:03pm
00.04 A DC 03:41:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:42:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:43:03pm
00.10 A DC 03:44:03pm
00.09 A DC 03:45:03pm
00.04 A DC 03:46:03pm
00.03 A DC 03:47:03pm
00.03 A DC 03:48:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:49:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:50:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:51:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:52:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:53:03pm
00.01 A DC 03:54:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:55:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:56:03pm
00.02 A DC 03:57:03pm
00.01 A DC 03:58:03pm
00.01 A DC 03:59:03pm
00.02 A DC 04:00:03pm
00.02 A DC 04:01:03pm
00.02 A DC 04:02:03pm
00.01 A DC 04:03:03pm
00.02 A DC 04:04:03pm
00.01 A DC 04:05:03pm
00.01 A DC 04:06:03pm
00.01 A DC 04:07:03pm

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