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The Fuel Cell is Now
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The fuel cell is an idea whose time has come, we are placing too much stress on the earth and its environment, and the consequeces are just now being seen. If we don't change our way of thinking about power and transportation, our current consumption will degrade the environment and our way of life.

Our Business Philosophy

E1PS is not an environmentalist group, it's a realist group. We cannot continue to burn fuels to produce motive and electrical power. Los Angeles has days that are so bad that you can't exercise outdoors. The air quality hurts the sensitive population, the very young and the old. We need to replace the burning of fuels with a chemical conversion. The fuel cell is the technology that will allow us to create power through chemical conversion, not combustion.

Our Company

E1PS is a group of people who see the need for change, and want to be on the forefront of that change. The people E1PS deals with think outside the conventional technology, and look to use the power of the future.


The Future

Imagine a future where there are no blackouts on the hottest days, where there are no "Smog Alerts", and the skies are clean all year long, not just the day after it rains. The fuel cell will be able to deliver this future, and more. The fuel cell will be able to power everything from portable radios to entire cities, with the car and home being the biggest markets for fuel cell power. There won't be a need for building new power plants, each home will have a small (5kW) fuel cell to provide basic power, and lessen demand on current power plants. Each car will contain a 50kW fuel cell engine, enough power to run a home without any outside grid connections. The overall outlook on power and fuel will begin to change.

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We all need to look at how we can become part of this change to a new form of power, conversion, not combustion.