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Test data for power input to the Learning Kit Electrolyser



The following test was performed on the test bench while running a Single Slice Fuel Cell. KOH concentration is 20%.

The column below shows voltage input.

'File Created: 05:04:40pm Aug 26, 00
Timebase: 00:01:00
'Hi Limit: Off
'Lo Limit: Off
'Filter Mode: Capture All Data; Filter Off
2.708 V DC 05:04:41pm
2.694 V DC 05:05:41pm
2.705 V DC 05:06:41pm
2.662 V DC 05:07:41pm
2.707 V DC 05:08:41pm
2.705 V DC 05:09:41pm
2.704 V DC 05:10:41pm
2.705 V DC 05:11:41pm
2.703 V DC 05:12:41pm
2.701 V DC 05:13:41pm
2.706 V DC 05:14:41pm
2.707 V DC 05:15:41pm
2.704 V DC 05:16:41pm
2.708 V DC 05:17:41pm
2.711 V DC 05:18:41pm
2.700 V DC 05:19:41pm
2.709 V DC 05:20:41pm
2.634 V DC 05:21:41pm
2.623 V DC 05:22:41pm
2.617 V DC 05:23:41pm
2.619 V DC 05:24:41pm
2.616 V DC 05:25:41pm
2.616 V DC 05:26:41pm
2.616 V DC 05:27:41pm
2.619 V DC 05:28:41pm
2.620 V DC 05:29:41pm
2.633 V DC 05:30:41pm
2.633 V DC 05:31:41pm
2.639 V DC 05:32:41pm
2.639 V DC 05:33:41pm
2.638 V DC 05:34:41pm

The column below shows current input.

'File Created: 05:04:35pm Aug 26, 00
'Timebase: 00:01:00
'Hi Limit: Off
'Lo Limit: Off
'Filter Mode: Capture All Data; Filter Off
'**************************************************** 01.67 A DC 05:04:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:05:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:06:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:07:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:08:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:09:36pm
01.66 A DC 05:10:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:11:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:12:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:13:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:14:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:15:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:16:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:17:36pm
01.66 A DC 05:18:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:19:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:20:36pm
01.67 A DC 05:21:36pm
01.72 A DC 05:22:36pm
01.73 A DC 05:23:36pm
01.73 A DC 05:24:36pm
01.73 A DC 05:25:36pm
01.73 A DC 05:26:36pm
01.73 A DC 05:27:36pm
01.73 A DC 05:28:36pm
01.73 A DC 05:29:36pm
01.72 A DC 05:30:36pm
01.72 A DC 05:31:36pm
01.72 A DC 05:32:36pm
01.71 A DC 05:33:36pm
01.71 A DC 05:34:36pm