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Odyssey Engineering, CAD/CAM Design and Manufacturing
Manufacturing Consulting Services

Our specialty is problem molds and problem parts. KLA MOldmaking and Engineering has always been able to deliver molds and parts that other machine shops could not deliver. This experience can be geared to fixing your manufacturing and moldmaking problems. We will travel to your location, and advise you on plastic part design changes for ease of manufacturing, mold split designs to produce more complicated parts, mold base assemblies that are easier to work with, water cooling dynamics and thermal controls, plastics selections and running temperatures.

All pictures are taken of on-site equipment. We've made these machines work for us for years, get our experience in helping you to conquer manufacturing problems with your plastic parts.

HAAS CNC machines used for moldmaking

The start of every mold is the HAAS CNC machining center for an extremely accurate and reliable mold. We have produced molds for some of the most complex parts possible. Many of these molds were rejected by other shops as too hard to produce. We specialize in producing prototype aluminum molds to bridge the manufacturing production gap between part design, and final steel molds for large runs of production parts. The aluminum prototype mold allows production problems to be fixed on an aluminum prototype mold, not a production steel mold. Problems are less likely to arise, and if they do, they are easier to correct using the Odyssey Engineering way, building an aluminum prototype mold before production steel molds are made. Save money and time, and deliver parts to market quicker using the Odyssey Engineering methods for injection molding plastic parts.

Cincinnati Millacron injection molding machine

Our Cincinnati Millacron 250 ton machine is capable of running large single cavity and production multi cavity molds. We can use your molds, and mount them onto our machines, and provide you with large quantities of parts at a reasonable price. We can provide all mold making services in-house, and walk them next door to our injection molding operation. We will ship around 100 parts with each mold for first run inspection and testing. By getting additional parts, you can run more complex tests, and decide if any changes are needed before continuing on to a production mold. MADE in the USA means quality.

TMC injection molding

Single cavity molds and small multi cavity molds are run here on the TMC injection molding machine, producing nylon, plastic and composite parts. The TMC Injection Molding Machine can keep high tolerance parts in production quantities.

GROMAX EDM (electrical discharge machine)

The Gromax Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) can cut and surface complex mold parts. We can solve many production problems involving surfaces and contours using the EDM machines to its fullest potential. Complex mold geometry can be achieved with EDM.

Newberry vertical molding machine

The Newberry vertical injection molders are great for testing with new molds and parts, and for limited production runs. We make many of the first run articles on these machines.