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Odyssey Engineering, CAD/CAM Design and Manufacturing
Aluminum Molds for Injection Molding a Plastic Part

Here is an aluminum mold for producing injection molded plastic parts.

An aluminum mold for producing a plastic part.

RTM mold top

The Injection Molding process for producing plastic, nylon, composite and glass filled parts.

The injection molding process is the best way to make high strength parts with a large production run. By carefully designing the mold, we can save money for large part runs or smaller part runs. For a large number of parts, more automation is designed into the mold, making the per part price lower. For small parts runs, the mold is designed with more manual steps, resulting in a slightly higher per part price, but a lower mold cost. Let us know the numbers you need to run, and we can make the mold accordingly.

RTM mold bottom

An SLA prototpye for customer acceptance and ergonomics tests.

RTM mold with prototype SLA (stereo lithography) part