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Fuel Cell Future
How a PEM Fuel Cell Works
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Current Electrical Grid
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Residential PEM Fuel Cell System
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The Power to Change the Future

The fuel cell will change our lives as much as the computer it powers and the internal combustion engine it replaces.

The future of power and transportation will change dramatically when fuel cells become the main producers of clean energy. The car will no longer be an environmental burden, and the electrical grid will be subdivided to the neighborhood and building level. The quality and reliability of this alternative energy source will be superior to the current grid design. Fuel cells and hydrogen technology will make all of this possible, and with little or no pollution.

Learn how the PEM Fuel Cell will integrate into our current electrical grid. Click to return to E1PS main page.

The system diagrams on the following pages are designed to show how the fuel cell will be connected to the existing grid to generate power for residential and commercial customers. This will allow for the seamless balancing of electrical supply and demand by matching new housing developments with an equal growth in fuel cell power generating capacity.

Please e-mail us with any questions about PEM fuel cells, residential fuel cell units, hydrogen or alternative energy.