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Fuel Cell Future
How a PEM Fuel Cell System works


How a PEM Fuel Cell Works
How a PEM Fuel Cell System works
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Residential PEM Fuel Cell System
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The Power to Change the Future

Here is how the core components of the PEM fuel cell system are laid out.

The basis of the PEM fuel cell system.

This is the basic system requirements for a higher power (1kW and above) PEM fuel cell system.

Natural Gas- A standard natural gas main is the cheapest and most plentiful energy source.

Reformer- To break the hydrocarbon chains of natural gas through a chemical reaction and create a hydrogen rich feed source for the fuel cell. The feed source is scrubbed of carbon monoxide to less than 10ppm to keep from contaminating the PEM fuel cell.

PEM Fuel Cell- A 3kW PEM system will power most residential units with a proper size surge battery bank. The PEM fuel cell is ideal for residential applications because of its low operating temperature of 75C or less.

Air Pump- The PEM fuel cell for higher power applications requires a forced air fan to provide enough air to support the chemical reaction between the oxygen and hydrogen.

Water Pump/Radiator/Air Fan- The 3kW fuel cell will generate enough internal heat that a small water cooling system will be required. This will provide a means of recovering heat on-site, and provide low level heat cogeneration.

E-mail us any questions about the PEM fuel cell system and the future of fuel cells.