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Fuel Cell Grid of the Future
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The Power to Change the Future

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A new design of electrical grid incorporating on-site power generation with remote large scale facilities.

1. Central Power Generator
This will be the same as today, nuclear, hydro, turbine or coal fired large scale power generating plants.

2. Sub-Stations
These are located throughout the grid to convert high voltage to 220/115 VAC.

3. Large Fuel Cells
There will be a large fuel cell at each grid sub-stations. This will provide an on-site power generation that will be able to supplement the central power generating unit. This is a more efficient use of resources, power generated on-site will have less line losses than a remote power source.

4. Customers
Every customer will still be tied to the conventional grid, but will have a PEM fuel cell for power generation located on-site. The residential PEM fuel cell unit will be comparable in footprint size to a standard air-conditioning unit.

5. Small Fuel Cells
The PEM fuel cell at each residence will provide electrical power and with cogeneration produce a low-grade heat source. The efficiency increases are many:
Less power loss from transmission lines.
Co-generation of heat reduces demand on natural gas used for heating.
Fuel cell power is high-quality, and depending on the inverter used can be medical grade power.
More reliable, multiple backups can keep power running for hours or days.

Click here to see our residential PEM fuel cell system design with multiple backups for a guaranteed reliable power source.

Please e-mail us with any questions about fuel cells, hydrogen or the time frames for the availibility of residential fuel cells.