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Fuel Cell Future
Residential PEM Fuel Cell System


How a PEM Fuel Cell Works
How a PEM Fuel Cell System works
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Residential PEM Fuel Cell System
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The Power to Change the Future

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The future residential PEM fuel cell power system for on-site power generation.

1. Natural gas main as a cheap and readily available primary fuel source.

2. Propane tank as backup fuel source.

3. Reformer to convert natural gas or propane to a hydrogen rich feedsource.

4. Hydrogen source as a backup to bypass reformer.

5. PEM fuel cell, 3-10kW , output of 24 volts DC @ 125 amps (3kW).

6. Battery bank for surge power capacity, allows a smaller PEM fuel cell to be used by reducing peak demand.

7. Small solar panel, 500 watts, reduces demand on natural gas and helps keep batteries charged.

8. Inverter to convert DC to AC power.

9. Household electricity from a cleaner and more reliable power source.

This system is designed with multiple backups to provide 3kW of power for up to 12 hours with no external inputs. The system is still in the Research and Development stages and is not ready for commercial sale.

Please e-mail us with you inquiries on the expected deliveries of our residential fuel cell.