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Single Slice 1 Watt Fuel Cells
PEM Fuel Cell System Diagram
Bottled Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
PEM Electrolyser and Fuel Cell System
Single Slice Fuel Cell Operating Instructions
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Producing the power of the future today

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The fuel cell will change our lives as much as the computer it powers and internal combustion engine it replaces.
The future of power and transportation will change dramatically when fuel cells become the main producers of clean energy. The car will no longer be an environmental burden, and the electrical grid will be subdivided to the neighborhood and building level. The quality and reliability of this alternative energy source will be superior to the current grid design. Fuel cells and hydrogen technology will make all of this possible, and with little or no pollution.

This website is designed to help get your Single Slice Fuel Cell operational. The SSFC's are shippped without the necessary support equipment for operation, mainly a hydrogen source and a load. The Accessory Kits provide a load and method to clean electrolysed hydrogen. The Learning Kit Electrolyser or a high pressure bottle will provide a suitable hydrogen source.

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