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Single Slice 1 Watt Fuel Cells
Single Slice Fuel Cell Operating Instructions


PEM Fuel Cell System Diagram
Bottled Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
PEM Electrolyser and Fuel Cell System
Single Slice Fuel Cell Operating Instructions
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Producing the power of the future 1 watt at a time

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Operation of the Single Slice Fuel Cell

The Single Slice Fuel Cell is sold as a stand-alone unit, with none of the required support equipment supplied. The optional basic and deluxe accessory kits provide the necessary test tubes, tubing and motor for the fuel cell, but not hydrogen. The first step in getting the SSFC working is to provide it with hydrogen. There are two nylon hose barb fittings on the SSFC, H2 in and H2 out. Hook an H2 bottle with regulator to one input, and a dual test-tube bubbler system to the output. If you are using an electrolyser to produce hydrogen then an additional bubbler is required on the input to neutralize the KOH or NaOH. If you are using a PEM electrolyser then no bubbler is needed, only a water trap. The water level in the bubbler will determine the backpressure in inch/column of water. A fan is needed if the cell is going to be run to full power, a small 5 volt computer fan will work. Without a fan the power is limited to about 0.5 volts at 1 amp for 1 watt cell, and 0.5 volts at 0.5 amps for the watt cell.

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