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SLA Stereolithography Parts

SLA Stereolithography Prototype Parts

Prototype parts that pass first article inspection, not just aesthetic testing.


Stereolithography parts are fine if you only need one or two parts to look at. Only an injection molded plastic part can pass testing, strength, practical application and first article acceptance. For the cost of building a few SLA parts, we can build an aluminum prototype mold and run the prototype production parts in-house. A basic aluminum mold can be finished in less than a week, and an initial parts shipment made by overnight delivery. Get real plastic parts that will satisfy both the designers and the testing engineers.

In this digital age, isn't it good to know that someone can still make a REAL plastic part in about a week?


You will have to make a real part eventually, why not start out with a real part, instead of finish with one? Save time and money by accelerated testing time, and make money sooner with the ability to deliver low rate initial production runs sooner. SLA parts do not have the material properties to go into production units, but they are great to sit on your desk and tell people just how much you just paid for this little part. Why tell people how much you paid for a part, when you can tell them how much extra money you made by using our real parts.

E-mail us for more information. Please, do not send attachments or drawings without first contacting us. We will not open attachments.

E-mail Odyssey Engineering.