CAD/CAM Design and Manufacturing

We create, design and manufacture innovation on time

We have a long history of producing high quality injection molded parts for limited production and prototype runs. High tolerance parts can be obtained starting with the first prototpye run, without waiting for production tooling. Injection molded plastic parts have been made for aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer, promotional, toys, sporting goods, defense and electronics. All work can be done on-site, from Mastercam CAD/CAM design drawings, first production run molds on HAAS CNC machines and injection molded plastic parts with TMC, Newberry, and Milacron. Rather than coordinating with multiple vendors all production can be coordinated on a single order.

We express innovation is expressed as an art form of function and ergonomics to produce user friendly parts, ready to go into full production manufacturing.

The experience we have allows us to choose the optimum plastic to get the best of strength and cost, while maintaining quality. Provide your own plastics if you already know the end solution. The new Resin Transfer Molding process is the next generation for consumer applications of carbon fiber composite construction.

Here is a part made for the aerospace industry.

Here is a part made for the automotive aftermarket industry.

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