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Website Design Consulting and Add URL Consulting Service
Add URL Consulting Services

Why have to look to find your listing on the second or third page when the first page and even the #1 listing is an obtainable goal in most searches.

Why should I pay this guy to submit my website to the search engines?

Well, you found me right, and you have found me because my submission techniques are well thought, precisely posted and targeted to reach the end user audience.

What we do.

We don't think the first page is good enough, we want #1. We currently get #1 returns on every major search engine, MSN, Yahoo, Google, Lycos, Netscape and many other smaller search engines. This is not an accident, it is a repetitive pattern that we have demonstrated. Many times the listings for our small customers are above the major manufacturers in their fields. This presence will create a strong appeal and add growth potential for your company.

How we do it.

We submit and review the old fashioned way, by hand. Never worry about spamming the engines, raising red flags or harming your listing. It takes longer and will cost more to do it by hand, but if you want a #1 result, you have to go the distance. If you let a man compete against a machine, the man will figure the machine out, the machine will never figure out the man.

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