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HAAS CNC Tool Room Mill Machinery Guard

HAAS CNC Made in USA Machining accuracy molds

HAAS CNC, the greatest name in machining centers for manufacturing and mold making. HAAS CNC produces the parts that make the races happen on Sunday. From the top fuel dragsters, to the off-road racers, and every race track in between, HAAS CNC Racing is winning on Sunday.

HAAS CNC Tool Room Mill Mold making machining

This HAAS CNC Tool Room Mill is the most acurate machine available at this price range. Our raw aluminum mold blocks have never been truer. Accuracy to the highest degree.

E-mail us for plans to build your own Machine Center Chip and Splash Guard, or have us provide you with a complete kit, ready to bolt together. We can provide the kit with or without the plastic guards. Additioanl tool storage, workspace, computer workstation and workspace can easily be added. Let us prepare a quote for you on a complete guard and coolant recovery system.